Thursday, February 16, 2012

Weasel. Juanita Weasel.

As you may already know, I am a HUGE fan of The Bloggess.  Her latest exploit is that she's bought this taxidermy'd weasel she's named Juanita Weasel.  She's taken some incredible photos of this weasel, and she's now asking for people to caption them.

These are my captions.  Yes, they are movie quotes (I can actually have a full conversation using nothing but movie quotes.  Sue me.), and they are the first things that came to my mind as I gazed on this lovely weasel picture.  True, my favorite caption out there isn't one that I came up with--it was Jenny's.  She captioned it "KHAAAAAAAANNNN!" for the one, the only, Wil Wheaton.  But I digress.  Back to the point.

Here are my captions:
(Juanita channeling Woody)
(Juanita doing her best Buzz Lightyear impression)

(Juanita as Young Frankenstein's Frau Blűcher)

(and in keeping with Young Frankenstein, Juanita as Doctor Frankenstein)
(Anyone remember Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure?)

(Juanita makes an EXCELLENT Peter Vincent, IMO. )

(How could I *not* throw a Firefly reference in here?)
Anyway, I hope you've enjoyed these captions.  I know I enjoyed creating them.  And yes, I did create some Star Wars references, but that would be pandering...

Have a great evening!



    1. Soooo FUNNY!!! My favorite is the LOTR reference. But then, I am a huge fan of LOTR...

  2. I love doing these, they've sucked my brain and willpower all morning!

    1. Absolutely! I've made more, but I'll probably wait to post them...

  3. Loooove Jenny, loooooove Juanita, loooooooove Wyld Stallyns! This is perfection - now, if I could just get it on an apron................